KNP Perfect unit with heat recovery

Neovent KNP Perfect is designed with users’ health and well-being in mind. The state-of-the-art technology used in the unit ensures effective air exchange and maintains high energy efficiency at the same time. Up to 95% heat recovery allows lower heating costs, and high quality filters make it a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. The unit is operated with a user-friendly touch controller with interface in English, which allows complex operation of the unit with numerous functions.
KNP Perfect is a suspended unit. The finish provides a high visual quality with superior durability and structural stiffness at a relatively low overall weight. The installation brackets feature vibration dampers to isolate the generated vibration from the structural members on site. There are three unit performance options available: 400, 950, and 1450.

User-friendly controls

Perfect for allergy sufferers

Heat recovery up to 95%

Low noise levels

Easy installation

High energy efficiency

KNP 400 Perfect38095%G495200
KNP 950 Perfect95095%G4370250
KNP 1450 Perfect145095%G4370315

*Power consumption through fan propulsion