RK duct fan

Duct fan with a rectangular connection. It has proven reliability and performance. It is designed for high pressure and long ventilation ducts. Airflow up to 9,100 m3/h (2.50 m3/s). RK fans are available with AC motors. The impeller has forward-curved blades. Swing-out mechanism ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. The fan can be installed in any position.

Designed for high pressure and long ventilation systems

Impeller with backward curved blades

IP 54 junction box

Swing-out mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation in any position even in a humid environment

RK 400x200C1907,22150,95810400x200
RK 400x200 C3 ErP11162520,461260400x200
RK 500x250D117285202,41110500x250
RK500x250D3 ErP1972,85660,991260500x250
RK 500x300B120346903,21270500x300
RK500x300B3 ErP2462,48101,471260500x300
RK 600x300 F12977,212305,81230600x300
RK600x300 F3 ErP3574,816902,881270600x300
RK 600x350 E1394219609,151200600x350
RK600x350 E3 ErP4431,620603,91350600x350
RK700x400 B3 ErP5493,617003,26810700x400
RK700x400 D3 ErP6339,640006,81370700x400
RK800x500 E3 ErP754926404,96850800x500
RK800x500 F3 ErP747353509,41380800x500
RK1000x500 H3 ErP10375,219908,88001000x500