The manufacturer of professional chemical agents for cleaning refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. The wide range of products allows you to choose an appropriate agent for the device and your preferences. The product range includes agents for cleaning evaporators, air filters, and many more, and they are either sold as concentrate or ready-to-use products in an atomiser. We offer also special chemical agents for cleaning internal circuits of refrigeration or air conditioning systems, agents for descaling, removing sediment, or grease.
All the cleaning agents ensure effective cleaning of equipment, are safe for health and the cleaned surfaces, and they have the necessary approvals.
The high efficiency and flexible performance of Sferan products save time and effort as it works by the “apply and forget” principle. The products are for professional use only.
Recently, Sferan has introduced innovative solution called Safe Hands. The invisible gloves create a protective barrier against skin irritating agents, i.e. refrigerants, solvents, or corrosive detergents. Apply the product to your hands after the work (dry) and wipe with a clean cloth. It contains mild ingredients for the skin and leaves a pleasant smell.