SAU – supply air units

Supply air units are designed to ensure comfortable indoor conditions by controlling the heat provided and the supply of clean, filtered air. They are highly reliable and emit low noise level. Available in AC and EC versions. The SAUs come with a filter, fan, and heater. They are suitable for cold and warm rooms. The units are operated with an external controller with two functions: on/off heater switch and a selector for two fan speeds.

Quick and easy installation

Connections for round ducts

External controller for operating and temperature control

High reliability

Easy access to fan housing and impeller

Compatible with Modbus and RS-485 interface

SAU 125 C1 EC400/100430 x 234 x 8722125230/50
SAU 200 B3 EC615/100510 x 295 x 9585200400/50
SAU 250 B3 EC865/100630 x 348 x 11315250400/50


SAU Product card 3.05 MB Download