Innovative market-leading ventilation technology
We supply energy-efficient and high-performance ventilation products for a fresh and healthy indoor climate wherever people live, work, or play. Östberg strives to be the global technology leader in the innovation, manufacturing and sales of duct fans, air handling units, and impellers.

Guaranteed quality
Product quality is our most important goal. A large part of our production is automated, with secure quality controls that monitor each product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This means that the approved final product is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Product research and development
We invest heavily in product development and innovation. Our ideas for product developments come through collaborations with our customers, innovations by our technical experts, and out of our desire to create even better indoor climates. In our work to continuously develop our products, we perform numerous tests and measurements. All this to meet our customers’ needs and provide healthier air.

Vision, innovation, and revolution
Östberg has its roots deep in Swedish engineering, where innovation and entrepreneurship have flourished for centuries. Swedish industry continues to be characterised by top-notch technical expertise.

The visionary
In the early 1970s, radial fans were expensive, noisy, and took up a lot of room. Hans Östberg envisioned a fan that was effective, easy to install, and required a minimum amount of space. He pursued this vision and the result was the circular duct fan – an innovation that has now become a worldwide standard.

A new generation of fans
Just two years later came the next revolutionary discovery – the rectangular duct fan. This fan had an even lower installation height and a higher capacity. Over the years that followed, Hans Östberg continued to develop new generations of duct fans with higher capacities, lower noise levels, better quality, and lower prices.

A multi-million dollar business
Östberg fan production started in 1981 and in less than fifteen years, the business grew from a small workshop to a multi-million dollar company. At Östberg, we work to continually develop our products. Our innovative power is the driving force in our company and we work to consistently maintain the very best quality on the market.