Neovent is a brand that has been introducing even newer ventilation solutions for years. Its product range includes heat recovery units with cross-flow heat exchangers and duct fans. Neovent delivers healthy air to your whole house.

Neovent AHUs and fans are modern devices that supply fresh air to houses, apartments, restaurants, or hotels. The comfort of using Neovent systems is the result of work of experienced engineering team and conducted research. Air handling units are very quiet and they do not disturb your home’s peace. The units have a state-of-the-art control system with a colour touch screen to monitor and control the operation. The design and technology of Neovent systems make installation and maintenance easy.

Satisfaction and safety
Neovent systems are valued by customers for their reliability. The use of high quality components makes the fans and AHUs very durable. Neovent heat recovery means no moisture and odour penetration between the supply and exhaust air and the highest quality filter prevent microbes from entering the house.