HERU S Air Handling Unit with side connection

High performing Air Handling Unit with energy recovery includes products for all kinds of homes, schools, offices and small size public & commercial facilities.
HERU S - introduction of rotary wheel cassette with integrated rotor motor. The wheel cassette can be easily removed for installation and service. Handle for easier carrying and handling.  Concealed door lock. Improved corrosion resistance (C4) with zinc aluminium in the outer casing. 

High heat recovery – 86%

Low noise levels

High reliability

Unique design to minimise thermal bridges

Rotary heat exchanger

High class, easy to replace F7 panel filter

HERU 100 S EC2 A406,82306,992091200
HERU 100 S EC2 C406,82301,772090
HERU 130 S EC2 A720230103281700
HERU 130 S EC2 C7202302,593280
HERU 180 S EC2 A860,423012,623210
HERU 180 S EC2 C860,42302,592320
HERU 250 S EC A993,6230124311200
HERU 250 S EC2 A993,62301243110
HERU 250 S EC2 C1029,62302,024310
HERU 400 S CXLE1904,440014,810696300
HERU 400 S CXLW1904,44005,410690
HERU 400 S CXRE1904,440014,810696300
HERU 400 S CXRW1904,44005,410690
HERU 600 S CXLE3067,240020,524606300
HERU 600 S CXLW3067,240011,424600
HERU 600 S CXRE3067,240020,524606300
HERU 600 S CXRW3067,240011,424600
HERU 800 S CXLW4183,24004,126300
HERU 800 S CXRW4183,24004,126300
HERU 800 S CXLE4183,240018,426309900
HERU 800 S CXRE4183,240018,426309900
HERU 1200 S CXLW5306,44006,744500
HERU 1200 S CXRW5306,44006,744500
HERU 1200 S CXLE5306,44002144509900
HERU 1200 S CXRE5306,44002144509900