HERU T air handling unit with top connection

The unit is designed for homes, apartments, offices, and other sites, where strict requirements for indoor environment are in place. It is perfect for installation in heated rooms. The model is wall-mounted with top connection. The unit is manufactured from galvanised steel sheet, insulated, and partially coated in white. It has an aluminium regenerative non-hygroscopic rotary heat exchanger mounted in the unit centre and a heat exchanger that can be easily removed for cleaning.

High heat recovery – 86%

Low noise levels

Modbus communication connection (RS-485)

Unique design to minimise thermal bridges

Rotary heat exchanger

High class, easy to replace F7 panel filter

HERU 100 T EC2 AR 374,423072031200
HERU 100 T EC2 AL374,423072031200
HERU 100 T EC2 ARC374,423072031200
HERU 100 T EC2 ALC374,423072031200
HERU 100 T EC2 CL374,42301,752030
HERU 100 T EC2 CR374,42301,752030
HERU 160 T ECAR633,6230103211700
HERU 160 T ECAL633,6230103211700
HERU 160 T EBCR633,62306,3321850
HERU 160 T ECCR633,62302.633210
HERU 160 T ECCL633,62302,633210
HERU 200 T ECAR82823012,73212300
HERU 200 T ECAL82823012,73212300
HERU 200 T ECCR8282302,663210
HERU 200 T ECCL8282302,663210
HERU 250 T EC2 AR975,623012,14322300
HERU 250 T EC2 CR975,62302,054320
HERU 250 T EC2 AL975,623012,14322300
HERU 250 T EC2 CL975,62302,054320
HERU 400 T CXLW1904,44005,410960
HERU 400 T CXRW1904,44005,410960
HERU 400 T CXLE1904,440014,510966300
HERU 400 T CXRE1904,440014,510966300
HERU 600 T CXLW3067,240011,424600
HERU 600 T CXRW3067,240011,424600
HERU 600 T CXLE3067,240020,524606300
HERU 600 T CXRE3067,240020,524606300
HERU 800 T CXLW4183,24004,126300
HERU 800 T CXRW4183,24004,126300
HERU 800 T CXLE4183,240018,426309900
HERU 800 T CXRE4183,240018,426309900
HERU 1200 T CXLW5306,44006,744500
HERU 1200 T CXRW5306,44006,744500
HERU 1200 T CXLE 5306,44002144509900
HERU 1200 T CXRE5306,44002144509900


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