KNV LUX heat recovery AHU

This is an end-to-end heat recovery and air handling unit which filters and heats supplied air for: single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial and catering premises, and other public facilities.

The controller provides for an effective and energy-efficient performance of the ventilation system.

Key features:

    • Full-colour touch screen display with a full overview of AHU heat exchanger operating parameters
    • Supports air heaters and coolers
    • Supports ground-air heat exchangers
    • Air quality monitoring
    • Heat recovery level control
    • Firmware updates with SD cards
    • Week-long operation schedule
    • Three custom operating modes

Cross-flow heat exchanger

High heat recovery efficiency: up to 91%

Bypass for summer operation without removal of the heat exchanger

AHU operation in different positions: suspended, floor standing

Two EC radial fans with stepless speed control

G4 filter cartridges

High energy efficiency

Very easy installation

15 mm thick thermal insulating rubber mat

KNV 300 LUX30091%2x672x0,5125
KNV 520 LUX52091%2x1742x1,1160
KNV 840 LUX84091%2x1782x1,1200