COIL SORB – RTU is a ready-made agent for cleaning and degreasing evaporators, filters, and air separation units, as well as other waterproof surfaces and equipment. It contains an activator for removing unpleasant odours. It is a non-toxic and safe to use product and contains over 98% biodegradable ingredients. The hygroscopic formula allows thorough maintenance cleaning.

The product is recommended for cleaning of aluminium, copper, stainless steel, plastics, and paint-coated surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use. The product complies with BS/EN 1274, BS/EN 1650 standards. The product is designed for professional use.

Acid-free, alkaline-free

Removes unpleasant odours


Complies with BS/EN 1274, BS/EN 1650 standards

Safe for cleaned surfaces

No water rinsing required