BFC duct fan

Duct fan with a circular connection. It has high capacity and very good efficiency. BFC has compact design, which is only slightly larger than the duct. The fan is equipped with AC or EC motors. Airflow up to 19,080 m3/h (5,30 m3/s).

Impeller with backward curved blades

The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised steel

The duct connector has a rubber seal

BFC 315 D1 ErP2534,42171,071360315
BFC 355 D1 ErP3812,43791,921380355
BFC 400 B1 ErP5356,86082,741300400
BFC 400 B3 ErP5386,65611,21300400
BFC 400 E3 ErP7779,610402,031380400
BFC 500 B3 ErP7099,25592,591340500
BFC 500 D3 ErP10299,613902,821270500
BFC 630 A3 ErP10346,48543,17920630
BFC 630 B3 ErP1405814603,55920630
BFC 315 B1 EC2012,42170,962350315
BFC 315 C1 EC3463,24081,811880315
BFC 355 B1 EC4298,44061,771530355
BFC 355 D1 EC5810,410404,812100355
BFC 355 D3 EC6742,815402,382430355
BFC 400 B1 EC6832,88964,041640400
BFC 400 B3 EC8474,415902,451990400
BFC 500 B1 EC8596,87843,621120500
BFC 500 B3 EC10540,814502,241380500
BFC 500 D3 EC13381,229404,541770500
BFC 630 A3 EC11829,613202,051080630
BFC 630 D3 EC18363,628204,351200630
BFC 630 E3 EC1697437305,71550630
BFC 630 F3 EC22312,848007,31430630