BFS duct fan

Duct fan with a square connection. It has high capacity and very good efficiency. BFS has compact design, which is only slightly larger than the duct. It is available with either an AC motor or EC motor. Airflow up to 19,080 m3/h (5,30 m3/s).

High capacity and very good efficiency. Operating at both 50 and 60 Hz.

Impeller with backward curved blades

The speed is controlled with a transformer or an external speed controller connected to the fan

BFS 400x400 B11713,61380,611250400x400
BFS 450x450 D1 ErP26642141,061360450x450
BFS 500x500 D1 ErP39243711,91380500x500
BFS 600x600 B1 ErP5713,26082,761290600x600
BFS 600x600 B3 ErP5698,85521,171280600x600
BFS 600x600 E1 ErP7693,211305,21380600x600
BFS 600x600 E3 ErP8438,4103021380600x600
BFS 700x700 B1ErP74165382,47910700x700
BFS 700x700 B3 ErP77405021,32920700x700
BFS 700x700 D1 ErP10490,416607,41340700x700
BFS 700x700 D3 ErP10609,213402,711280700x700
BFS 750x750 A1 ErP10364,48654,58880750x750
BFS 750x750 A3 ErP10882,88302,14920750x750
BFS 750x750 C3 ErP15951,624804,631340750x750
BFS 850x850 B3 ErP14842,813603,37920850x850
BFS 850x850 D3 ErP19094,439106,61280850x850
FS 400x400 B1 EC2062,82170,972370400x400
BFS 450x450 C1 EC3650,44001,771880450x450
BFS 500x500 B1 EC4485,63981,751540500x500
BFS 500x500 D1 EC6040,810204,722100500x500
BFS 500x500 D3 EC6980,415202,352430500x500
BFS 600x600 B1 EC7394,49054,041650600x600
BFS 600x600 B3 EC883815902,451980600x600
BFS 700x700 B1 EC8974,87883,651120700x700
BFS 700x700 B3 EC11044,814502,251380700x700
BFS 700x700 D3 EC1380629804,541770700x700
BFS 750x750 A3 EC1220411901,861080750x750
BFS 750x750 E3 EC17312,435005,41550750x750
BFS 850x850 D3 EC19112,427402,171200850x850
BFS 850x850 F3 EC22852,846907,11430850x850
IFK 140 B Right3601000,441820125
IFK 140 B Left3601000,441820125
IFK 140 C Right439,21210,542220125
IFK 140 C Left439,21210,542220125