CK duct fan

Duct fan with a circular connection. CK has proven quality and reliability. It has compact design and high capacity and efficiency with very low noise levels. Airflow up to 1,800 m3/h (0,52 m3/s). CK is available with either an AC motor or EC motor. The impeller blades are backward curved and the fan can be installed in any position.

Compact design, high capacity and efficiency, low noise level

Impeller with backward curved blades

The external impeller motor has maintenance-free bearings

IP 54 junction box

The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised steel

CK 100 A223,2410,182040100
CK 100 C291,6590,262570100
CK 125 A316,8410,181960125
CK 125 C406,8600,262530125
CK 150 B464,4610,272500150
CK 150 C705,61050,462580150
CK 160 B486600,262490160
CK 160 C777,61080,472560160
CK 200 A8821120,52630200
CK 200 B ErP975,61450,632750200
CK 250 A871,21110,52640250
CK 250 B ErP961,21450,632750250
CK 315 B ErP1461,61970,872660315
CK 315 C ErP1324,82240,972770315
CK 100 C EC360930,753560100
CK 125 C EC572,41040,873580125
CK 150 B EC637,4990,833540150
CK 160 B EC651,61000,793530160
CK 160 C EC878,41210,992900160
CK 200 A EC950,41200,972900200
CK 200 B EC1087,21541,213250200
CK 250 A EC968,41150,952900250
CK 250 B EC1130,41551,253330250
CK 315 B EC12961591,222760315
CK 315 C EC1882,82170,982640315