LPKB Silent duct fan

Low profile fan with round connection. It is almost identical to LPKB fan, however it has a silencer at the air inlet for lower noise level. Airflow up to 1,000 m3/h (0,28 m3/s). LPKB Silent is available with either an AC motor or EC motor. The impeller blades are backward curved. The fan is equipped with a swing-out mechanism to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. The mounting brackets simplify installation in any position.

Small and practical fan perfect for small spaces

Equipped with a silencer at the inlet for even lower noise level

Speed control with a built-in 0–10 V potentiometer or external speed controller

IP 54 junction box

When the fan is connected to ducts, it can be installed outdoors or in humid environments in any position

LPKB Silent 100 C1291,6640,262560100
LPKB Silent 125 C1396610,262570125
LPKB Silent 160 B1435,6610,262560160
LPKB Silent 250 D1 ErP1051,21670,732690250
LPKB Silent 250 E1 ErP11522170,942660250
LPKB Silent 315 B1 ErP11161680,732690315
LPKB Silent 315 D1 ErP1213,22120,932660315
LPKB Silent100 C1 EC399,61150,913710100
LPKB Silent125 C1 EC518,41160,933670125
LPKB Silent 160 B1 EC619,21180,933650160
LPKB Silent 160 C1 EC7381230,982860160
LPKB Silent 250 B1 EC896,41160,932880250
LPKB Silent 250 D1 EC1249,21711,373100250
LPKB Silent 200 A1 EC849,61250,982840200
LPKB Silent 200 C1 EC982,81621,252820200
LPKB Silent 315 B1 EC1227,61671,333030315
LPKB Silent 315 E1 EC1612,82160,972440315