IRB duct fan

The fan is for installation in ventilation systems. It can be installed outdoors or in humid environments. IRB is equipped with 50 mm thick thermal and acoustic insulation, which makes it perfect for handling cool air. It is designed for high pressure and long ventilation ducts. The priority for design was high functionality, durability, and service life. Airflow up to 13,300 m3/h (3,70 m3/s). IRB is available with either an AC motor or EC motor. The impeller blades are backward curved. Swing-out ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

Equipped with 50 mm thick thermal and acoustic insulation, which makes it perfect for handling cool air

Designed for high pressure and long ventilation systems

Impeller with backward curved blades

IRB 125 B1399,6610,262590125
IRB 160 B1450590,262580160
IRB 200 A1766,81050,462520200
IRB 200 B1 ErP957,61600,72700200
IRB 200 E1 ErP1054,82090,912790200
IRB 250 B1 ErP1036,81650,712690250
IRB 250 E1 ErP1209,62180,952770250
IRB 315 B3 ErP2095,22150,421350315
IRB 355 B3 ErP2361,62280,431340355
IRB 355 D1 ErP3052,84482,081400355
IRB 355 D3 ErP2948,43970,761340355
IRB 400 B3 ErP3290,43550,76930400
IRB 400 D1 ErP3913,24962,31320400
IRB 400 E3 ErP4276,87391,451440400
IRB 500 B3 ErP5475,66111,42890500
IRB 500 E3 ErP6454,811302,581371500
IRB 125 B1 EC601,21160,933680125
IRB 160 B1 EC676,81140,893630160
IRB 200A1 EC907,21210,992900200
IRB 200C1 EC1101,61611242890200
IRB 250A1 EC12241631,272760250
IRB 250 B1 EC1357,22180,962750250
IRB 250 E1 EC1807,23111,372020250
IRB 315 A1 EC25383111,361650315
IRB 315 B1 EC3481,27773,572200315
IRB 315 E3 EC3772,810701,672500315
IRB 315 SA1 EC21603331,472020315
IRB 355 A1 EC2674,83161,391650355
IRB 355 B1 EC3866,48163,732200355
IRB 355 E3 EC435611201,742500355
IRB 400 A1 EC2995,22401,51650400
IRB 400 B1 EC4474,86462,981420400
IRB 400 B3 EC5626,812701,961800400
IRB 400 E3 EC6591,631203,252130400
IRB 500 A3 EC6681,69811,551340500
IRB 500 B3 EC817213302,091230500
IRB 500 E3 EC8503,220003,051710500
IRB 500 F3 EC10425,629164,471620500