IRE duct fan

Insulated duct fan with circular connections. IRE is equipped with 50 mm thick thermal and acoustic insulation, which makes it perfect for handling cool air It is designed for high pressure and long ventilation ducts. The priority for design was high functionality, durability, and service life. Airflow up to 8,200 m3/h (2,30 m3/s). IRE fans are available with AC motors. The impeller has forward-curved blades. Swing-out ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. When the fan is connected to ducts, it can be installed outdoors or in humid environments.

IRE 125 A1219,6610,271130125
IRE 125 B1338,4990,421650125
IRE 125 C1428,41220,531850125
IRE 160 B1349,21050,461650160
IRE 160 C14681270,551850160
IRE 160 D15581640,722220160
IRE 200 C17021990,861800200
IRE 250 C1 ErP1040,42561,132120250
IRE 250 D11382,437912840250
IRE 315 B1198064531330315
IRE 315 B3 ErP2163,66381,381290315
IRE 315 C11465,24011,751430315
IRE 355 C11983,66002,661850355
IRE 400 F1266410104,71200400
IRE 400 F3 ErP3362,414702,641310400
IRE 125 C1 EC511,21231,022790125
IRE 160 C1 EC5401210,982640160