LPKB duct fan

Low profile fan with round connection. It is a very small efficient duct fan which is perfect for small spaces (under the ceiling). Available with one or two inlets. It has high capacity with excellent efficiency and low noise levels. Airflow up to 1,000 m3/h (0,28 m3/s). LPKB is available with either an AC motor or EC motor. The impeller blades are backward curved. The fan is equipped with a swing-out mechanism to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. The mounting brackets simplify installation in any position.

Impeller with backward curved blades

The external impeller motor has maintenance-free bearings

IP 54 junction box

The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised steel

The duct connector has a rubber seal

LPKB 100 A1162430,21410100
LPKB 100 C1288790,252600100
LPKB 125 C1396590,262570125
LPKB 160 B1428,4640,262540160
LPKB 160 C1266,41060,462560160
LPKB 200 C1 ErP943,21540,672730200
LPKB 250 D1 ErP1033,21650,712710250
LPKB 250 E1 ErP1162,82100,922670250
LPKB 315 B1 ErP1090,81630,712700315
LPKB 315 D1 ErP12062120,932670315
LPKB 100 C1 EC4141110,883780100
LPKB 125 C1 EC536,41150,93780125
LPKB 160 B1 EC597,61170,93640160
LPKB 160 C1 EC7021150,942930160
LPKB 200 A1 EC860,41261,042860200
LPKB 200 C1 EC979,21641,272870200
LPKB 250 B1 EC968,41220,962900250
LPKB 250 D1 EC1274,41681,353010315
LPKB 315 B1 EC1252,81671,323020315
LPKB 315 E1 EC1609,22170,972400315