TKV roof fan

Roof fan with square connection and vertical outlet. It has proven reliability and performance. The external impeller motor has maintenance-free bearings. It is equipped with integrated motor protection. IP 54 junction box. The speed is controlled with a transformer or an external speed controller connected to the fan. The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and is polyester coated in black as standard.

The external impeller motor has maintenance-free bearings

Impeller with backward curved blades

IP 54 junction box

TKV 300 A338,4420,191730 
TKV 300 B403,2420,182050 
TKV 300 C478,8620,312460 
TKV 400 A698,4630,281750 
TKV 400 B9001030,452510 
TKV 400 C ErP 1058,41580,682690400
TKV 400 E ErP1339,22230,962780400
TKV 300 C EC716,41120,903550300
TKV 400 D EC1184,41611,282860400
TKV 560 A11803,61370,611250564
TKV 560 B3 ErP2912,42420,461330 
TKV 560 C1 ErP4280,44972,271380 
TKV 560 C3 ErP4179,64350,81320 
TKV 660 A3 ErP39242470,56930 
TKV 660 B3 ErP5745,68361,581430 
TKV 760 A3 ErP5608,83990,82920 
TKV 760 B3 ErP8175, 66911,5870 
TKV 760 C3 ErP8449,212102,71360 
TKV 960 C3 ErP12128,412803,06880 
TKV 560 B1 EC32402321,411650564
TKV 560 C1 EC4510,88553,752210564
TKV 560 E3 EC5158,812501,942490564
TKV 660 B1 EC60847473,411410663
TKV 660 B3 EC7876,815202,341800663
TKV 660 E3 EC914421303,882450663
TKV 760 A3 EC8863,212401,951400763
TKV 760 B3 EC1126816502,561230763
TKV 760 E3 EC1092625303,881800763
TKV 760 F3 EC1450835505,41630763
TKV 960 C3 EC17301,637305,71350963