RFTX explosion proof fan

Single phase radial fan with circular inlet connection. RFTX fan is a cost-effective solution for many applications in different locations. It works both at 50 and 60 Hz. The fan is designed for transporting gases in explosive environment. The fan can only be used in zone 1 and 2. The ATEX Certificate is not subject to ErP directive. The external AC motor impeller is located outside the airflow and has maintenance-free ball bearings. It is integrated with a junction box. The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised steel with a copper cone inlet.

ATEX certified

Top quality motor

The motor is separated from the air stream

Impeller with forward curved blades

RFTX 140 A ATEX4321100,521300
RFTX 140 C ATEX687,63000,532810
RFTX 160 C ATEX9365900,972740
RFTX 160 A ATEX565,21430,531300
RFTX 200 A ATEX928,82700,61300
RFTX 200 B ATEX1256,43880,791380
RFTX 200 C ATEX1375,23850,791380