KV wall fan

Wall fan with circular inlet connection and square mounting plate. The features of the product are compact design, high capacity and very good efficiency. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications. It has an impeller with backward curved blades. It has an external impeller motor, maintenance-free bearings, and integrated motor protection. The speed is controlled with a transformer or an external speed controller connected to the fan. The fan housing is manufactured from galvanised steel. The fan is designed for installation in ventilation systems on the inside wall.

The external impeller motor has maintenance-free bearings

IP 54 junction box

Speed control with a built-in 0–10 V potentiometer or external speed controller

The fan is designed for installation in ventilation systems on the inside wall.

Easy installation in any position even in a humid environment

KVFU 100 A306390,172010100
KVFU 100 C378590,262540100
KVFU 125 A356,4410,181970125
KVFU 125 C450600,262520160
KVFU 160 B496,8620,272540160
KVFU 160 C871,2110,482490160
KVFU 200 A921,61150,52580200
KVFU 200 B ErP957,61460,632740200
KVFU 250 A874,81200,532580250
KVFU 250 B ErP957,61460,632740250
KVFU 315 B12421581,232930315
KVFU 315 C17822190,992530315
KVFU 315 C ErP1249,22220,972770315
KVFU 100 C EC410,41000,793570100
KVFU 125 C EC622,8980,793550125
KVFU 160 B EC658,8980,823530160
KVFU 160 C EC997,21250,972870160
KVFU 200 A EC979,21220,962840200
KVFU 200 B EC1159,21541,23260200
KVFU 250 A EC961,21220,962870250
KVFU 250 B EC1029,61521,183300250
KVFU 315 B EC12421581,232930315
KVFU 315 C EC17822190,992530315